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so apparently there’s supposed to be a strike today, which includes not making normal posts, I don’t think that not posting on here will do much for anything considering how small it is and that it doesn’t make any money

I will however, remind everyone again that the situation in Gaza becomes more dire with each passing day, the occupation just recently destroyed the largest hospital in Gaza. Free Palestine.

Apr 15, 2024, 12:26 PM


What, in your opinion, should be done in Israel and Gaza right now? Like, what specific actions should be done? Not going to argue I just want to hear what your ideal scenario for Palestine is

Obviously an immediate and permanent ceasefire. israel and the USA pay for all of the damages they caused, plus other punishments (having to pay money or facing sanctions, not like, collective civilian punishments). Israeli military is tried and punished for war crimes, civilians blocking aid receive some sort of repercussions too. Palestine is given total sovereignty and independence, from Israel. Preferably they’d get back a significant portion of their original land (from the early 1900s), but how much would be outside of what I can reasonably say, possibly all of it though.

If you’re asking what I think we should actually do right now? I’m no politician but I’d say that not shooting and bombing people is a pretty quick and simple thing to do if you’re (politicians) not a psychopath.

Isreali forces withdrew from most of Gaza